Am I done discovering?

I chose “discoveringadd” as the URL for this blog because “addled” was not available and I intended the blog to be a description of the journey of learning about ADHD and how best to deal with it.

However, I’m not sure I’ve made any new discoveries for a long time. I haven’t touched a book about ADHD in a year or so. I’ve read ADHD blog posts but they haven’t engaged me (though, Jeff’s post on loneliness came close). I’ve listened to a few teleseminars on but don’t feel I’ve learned very much.

Have I hit a plateau or the end? In my last post, I acknowledge that I am not done, but I am not making much progress and am not motivated to do so. Things are good enough. Maybe I’ve made enough progress that I can be OK with that and leave things lie. Or maybe this is just another project that I will not complete.

What do you think? 🙂


~ by Jay on January 27, 2012.

2 Responses to “Am I done discovering?”

  1. Good Enough sounds like a great place to live. I’d pack my bags and move there if I could. And if the town doesn’t live up to its billing, you can always move later on.

    Can’t complain is a double-negative I often heard growing up (along with Not Bad, another favorite, which covers a wide swath; anything North of BAD is less than 100% bad — it’s not necessarily good, but it’s definitely not pure-grade, undiluted BAD. When asked how you’re doing, it’s good to remind yourself that things could be a lot worse; that things could be BAD. (Which reminds me: the opposite of GOOD is BAD, not EVIL. Yet Good vs. Evil is the default setting when opposites go to war. It should be Good vs. Bad. Or even better: Us vs. Them.)( And now forget all of this since it has nothing to do with double-negatives.) (Normally I’d delete the aside, but an over-long and irrelevant parenthetical thought is a fine illustration of how my mind works, and perhaps any mind riddled with ADD)(an ADDict’s brain is an infinitely recursive series of parenthesis…)

    Where was I?

    Can’t complain is a double-negative. It has the feel of a ward, a counter-spell, to divert bad luck, or a petulant god. My goal is to use that phrase with the minimum of irony. I’m half-way there; the complaining part. I still have rotten habits, while I practice to replace them; I still haven’t found a long-acting drug to settle my brain, while I search for new ones; I still haven’t shaped my business into one that works with my ADD, while I continue to imagine myself as a successful artist.

    Good Enough. Can’t Complain. Not Bad.

    I don’t want to be negative about ADD. I want to be Double Negative.

  2. Nice. You picked out the most important part of this post. I should have titled it “Good Enough?”… Hmm. Maybe I feel another post coming on.

    I love your double-negative spiel. I wish I had something clever to add to it. 🙂

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