I Have ADHD. Really.

The results are in and it’s official. I have ADHD.

I don’t have much to report beyond what I summarized in my pervious post, except to correct the low verbal score — my verbal performance is also high in the mid-80th percentile.

Bear in mind that these results are while on Concerta…

The bottom line is I am really smart but can’t plan my way out of a paper bag, though I will improvise quite well, thank you very much.

But, what does it all mean? What do I do now? The psychiatrist said that there is no medication that will address the planning issues, so that option’s out. I really must change my behavior and work on systems to fill this gap. Part of me is still holding on for the quick-fix, but my rational part admits it’s not coming.

Apparently, structure is the answer, but I need to create it in many cases (such as this week at work, where vacations mean meeting-free days). And, look at that! I see Jeff’s reviewed a book that may offer some help on the matter.

Coaching was also suggested. I looked into it, but I cannot afford the hundreds of dollars a month coaches charge. I tried ADD Coaching Club, but was turned off by the group nature and lack of individualized attention. I’m more likely to take another look at Nancy Ratey’s The Disorganized Mind where she outlines how to self-coach.


~ by Jay on December 29, 2010.

3 Responses to “I Have ADHD. Really.”

  1. Please may I suggest you get Russell Barkley’s “Taking Charge of Adult ADHD”? I’ve read about 15 books on Adult ADHD in the last year since my diagnosis at 39, and this is above ALL the best book. Absolutely incredible. The Disorganized Mind is good too, but I found it hard to implement. Barkeley’s book has some nice practical, easily to implement principles. And he is well-respected.
    Anyway, best of luck!

    • Thanks, Mungo. I’ll definitely check it out. I see the reviews also mention Tuckman’s book, More Attention, Less Deficit. Have you read that one?

  2. Hello Jay!
    No, I haven’t… I have heard of it though. I’m going to pick it up from the book store this week!
    Thanks, appreciate you letting me know.
    All the best,

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