Evaluation Done – Awaiting Results

The evaluation is over. I was with the psychiatrist for 5 hours… taking many of the tests and puzzles I hate. I was surprised and a little disappointed that there was no computer nor electrodes attached to my scalp.

I won’t know the results for a couple of weeks, but I am very curious. During the testing, she confirmed that I have “visual attention problems” in that I often don’t see things. This explains my frequent problems at the supermarket where I’ll unknowingly pick the wrong product variant (e.g., the butter without salt instead of with).

She was apparently blown away by some of my visual/spacial abilities. My memory is fine.

I am definitely weak in the verbal area, but that isn’t too much of a surprise to me (or readers of my blog… 😉 ).

She zeroed in on my “planning” or lack thereof. I attack many problems without a bit of thinking first, leading to inefficient solutions. I was on my meds and they didn’t really help me here.

So, is it ADHD? That is the question. She asked many questions about my school-age years, but my memory is very poor. She looked at samples of my early writing and didn’t see indicators of ADHD (apparently, many ADHD kids have tremors or something that show up in their writing – mine was exceptionally neat).

She emphasized that I’m very intelligent, like 90th percentile intelligent, but my planning is down in the 10th percentile.

As a perpetual self-critic, my take away was, “If I’m so smart, how can I be so bad at planning? What a loser.”

Sigh. Stay tuned for the official results.


~ by Jay on November 15, 2010.

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