Go Away, ADD

The Normal Experiment continues.

Today was a bad day. My day was broken up by meetings and I never found traction on an important project (a problem to solve). Even an hour between meetings is not enough for me as I get distracted for the majority of it and as I settle down to work, poof, it’s time for the next meeting. It’s the story of my working life.

What really drives me crazy, though, is this almost palpable feeling that I can solve this particular problem if I could just think. That feeling comes up in all areas of my life but the reason for it didn’t become clear until 1.5 years ago (and I can’t believe I’ve been diagnosed for that long).

For many years, the feeling was even stronger. I knew I could do it (whatever it was) if only I could apply myself. It wasn’t until I actually hit some of my limitations that the self-delusion ended. That was a sad day and I wish I had known about Adult ADHD then.

I think there’s something more to this post, but I can’t think it through.

Go away, ADD. I have work to do.


~ by Jay on July 15, 2010.

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