Talk about addled

I attended a wedding this past weekend and this is what it took to ready myself to leave the hotel.

  1. Arrive at the hotel by car and head up to my room (on the 24th floor).
  2. Start emptying pockets and undressing for a shower. As I take my shirt off, I realize I forgot my suitcase in the car.
  3. (Put shirt back on and) go back to the parking garage to retrieve the bag and head back up to the room (did I mention it’s on the 24th floor?).
  4. Shower and dress. Check I have my car key and leave the room.
  5. 10 steps down the hallway, realize I forgot the gift in the room.
  6. Head back to the room to realize I locked the room key in the room.
  7. Nearly head down to the lobby but see a hotel phone near the elevators. Guest services sends security up – luckily I had my ID.
  8. Arrive barely on time to the wedding.

ADD. A life of excitement.


~ by Jay on July 13, 2010.

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